Space Service Deployment Ribbon

(Abbreviation: SSD)



Award Information
Issuing Authority: BuPers
Frequency: Once per member maximum.
Eligible Branches: RMN, RMMC, RMA, GSN, and Civilians.
Award Description
According to Admiralty Order 1006-06, this award is granted after a member’s initial assignment to a Unit and graduation from his or her first course at the Saganami Island Academy (SIA).
Canonical Supplement
The Honorverse Companion: House of Steel: The Space Service Deployment Ribbon was issued to any member of the Royal Manticoran Navy or the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps upon their first space duty assignment. The Royal Manticoran Army equivalent is the Army Space Duty Ribbon.
How to Obtain This Award
Artemis members can obtain this award by successfully completing any course from the Saganami Island Academy. If you’re assigned to our ship (or any chapter in TRMN, for that matter) after completion, it is an automatic award granted by the Sixth Space Lord (BuTrain).If you require assistance in requesting your first course from SIA, please click here to visit the Course Request Form. We highly recommend that you select SIA-RMN-0001, which is the Basic Enlisted Course. In addition to granting you the SSD, it will put you in a position to receive a promotion to Spacer 2nd Class (S2C) as soon as you have the minimum time in grade (three months).

If you require assistance in passing this or any course from SIA, please don’t hesitate to contact the Bosun.

Artemis Recipients
Date Recipient Name
2014-01-07 S3C Zach Perkins, RMN
2014-04-17 ENS Zachary McCauley, RMN
2014-04-21 CPO Michael D. Garcia, RMN
2014-05-10 S3C Shon Elliott, RMN
2014-05-13 CAPT Sir Thomas Marrone, KR, RMN
2014-06-13 S3C Randy Wells, RMN
2014-06-18 S3C Alia Duffy, RMN